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A guy after many years of

A guy after many years of….

My fingers were on his arm, silently they had longed for his touch for a long time and I could tell he wanted it too. My eyes looked at him as to how an animal marks its territory. Those luscious lips, with sensuality hidden in them- oh my god, what is this guy doing to me?! I wanted to tell him- ‘Hey don’t hold yourself back any more…’ or ‘open up to me...’

His age and phase was perfectly suitable for infatuation, attraction and madness. His perfect features and couple of days’ stubble made me melt for him, and I knew I wanted to swoon in his arms. Tonight. Forever.

“Let’s not deny these undeniable vibes between us” I caressed his face as my lips came closer to his. He tried to say something and opened his lips, and I thought that was the moment for a perfect kiss.

And I kissed him. Long. Hard. After what seemed ages, he started reciprocating. I could feel the desire, madness and passion bottled up inside him as he kissed my lips. Then almost instantly, he stopped. He stared into my eyes questioning whether what we were doing was right. I stared back, perhaps asking him to live in the moment. He grabbed suddenly and held me tight.

Now we sucked on each other’s faces. He finally let go of all inhibitions and squeezed me into his vacuum.

Guess he had not got intimate in a very long time. There was certain eagerness in his approach.

It made me feel on top of the world that he was giving me more. He proved it when he tore my blouse and unclasped my bra. Oh my, he was quite strong!

With so much desire closed up till now, he went straight for the act. I wondered why he had imposed a ban on himself for such a long time. Surprisingly, he was good. And his stamina was lasting. I could barely make myself stable and he had already started thrusting. Rapid and hard. I wanted to slow down his pace, but his enthusiasm was worth observing. Not wanting to curb it anymore, I joined in, and together we tested every limit of capacity there ever was.

And then I had my first intense orgasm. He held me tightly while at it.

Seeing me at my most beautiful juncture, he knew he had given me his best. And now, he wanted to better it.

Unleashing his mischief side, he slid inside me again. But slowly. Incredibly slow. He pinched my hip cheeks. I giggled. He did it again and then took them in his hands. I inhaled and he thrust into me again, then suddenly pulling himself out. Ok, now I knew what his plan was.

I moaned like never before and that was his cue to do more. Now, he inserted his fingers into me and started proceeding towards my G-spot. Inch-by-inch, his fingers were going towards it and I could witness both our ecstasy multiplying by the second.

Finally, he found it. And I was in seventh heaven. Or maybe higher. Beyond.

After this, it was his time to come up there, and in an instant, he was in me. Rampaging and going at it like how you fight for life, he started going in and out. I was barely able to cope up, but he pinned me to my place and continued doing his job.

And then, finally, the moment came. Of satisfaction. Of liberation. He let out a sigh of relief. He pulled out and come lay beside me. He then gave me the tightest hug.

Yes, guys with deep, hidden desires are my kinda guys and yes, they are a lot of fun.